Purposeful Leadership Consulting is a woman owned, private consulting firm that provides organizational leaders with insight into their greatest assets - their business, themselves and their people. Leadership starts with self awareness on the part of the leader. The key to the effectiveness of the leader lies in the leader having extreme self-awareness. Research and experience indicates that when a leader understands himself or herself, leading others become easier.  Dr. Lori Wieters, has created a unique 3-level method of diagnosing the complexities of the humans who are trying to work together in businesses today.  She has also perfected workplace solutions that simplify these complexities related to employee engagement with the organization itself, the work environment and the job itself.  Dr. Wieters is an 'organizational culture doctor' who offers a variety of services, from organizational assessment to executive coaching to teams training to career coaching for individuals. Dr. Wieters is also a university professor in the Phoenix, Arizona metro area and specializes in leadership, human resources, and management courses for both classroom and online formats.