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Lori Wieters, Ph.D.

Vice President of Content Development
& Business Development

At Six Degrees Leadership, Lori is the resident leadership ‘doctor’ on staff.  She holds a Ph.D. in Organization and Management with a specialization in Human Resources which she received in 2007.  Lori’s expertise includes strategic planning for small businesses, leadership development and training, curriculum development, project management, team’s development, career and life coaching and executive development.  She is also a college professor in the Phoenix area specializing in Leadership, Management, and Human Resources.  Lori owns her own businesses (Purposeful Leadership Consulting and Triumphant Women) and has recently co-authored a book with her daughter-in-law, Triumphant Women: Stories of Courage – Volume One.  Lori’s life purpose is to write books and speak and influence thousands.  Lori, not only brings her knowledge and expertise to Six Degrees Leadership, but also her love and energy for coaching and mentoring others in the area of personal effectiveness using the solid leadership principles embodied in Six Degrees Leadership’s purpose, values, and programs.  Lori resides in Phoenix, Arizona with her husband, Steve.  

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