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Kevin Mogavero

Co-founder, President and CEO 

            Kevin was born and raised in Buffalo N.Y. He graduated from West Point, the United States Military Academy, and he served six years as an officer in the U.S. Army Field Artillery.  He held a combat arms leadership role for his entire career, except one staff position, during which he obtained a Master’s Degree in Leadership and Management.  He also served in Iraq during “Operation Iraqi Freedom”.

            Since the military, Kevin has worked for Honeywell as an earned-value analyst in the aerospace department, in Phoenix Arizona.  Not too long after moving to the Valley, he discovered a leadership and personal development system that helped him take the next step.  He started testing his leadership skills in the entrepreneurial world by starting several companies, to include a real estate company and a business mailing-address company.  Kevin, then, found his true passion in sharing and teaching leadership principles with people who wanted to grow personally.  Since he started following his passion, he really began to understand the true joy of giving.

            When Robert Lasater shared with Kevin the idea of Six Degrees Leadership, it all came together.  Kevin sees their company as a tool to serve people who have a yearning to create a better life for themselves and others.  He is passionate about teaching people the importance of something that most take for granted: relationships.  Effective relationships are what make the difference in every aspect of life.    

            Kevin lives in Phoenix with his wife and two daughters.