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Jo Anna Hunter

Vice President of Administration

At Six Degrees Leadership Jo oversees and manages compliance issues and regulatory requirements. She enables internal policies and procedures, often designing and implementing enterprise compliance efforts as well as overall organizational development. A native of Colorado and raised in the industrial age she pursued criminal justice and has always strived for more of an all around balance in life. The life-force of the Roaring Fork Valley in Colorado attracted her in such a way that she has lived there for 22 yrs. Her specialties are organization and planning, having worked in the construction office world for more than 12 years. She and her husband own and operate a successful concrete construction company and enjoy their lives and children. We both have a strong passion and desire for learning and growing in all aspects of our lives. There are too many excellent quotes to choose from but one in particular favorite short but true is from The 5 pillars of leadership, Paul J. Meyer & Randy Slectha - "You alone are responsible for what you become." So we are blessed with an abundance of good information and with the freedom of choice whether or not to use this information.