About Us

At Six Degrees Leadership our principles are non-negotiable, uncompromising, absolute. For example: Gravity is true for every human being. You do not have to believe in it for it to be true. You may defy it - but, you cannot deny it! When gravity is misused people generally get hurt. When understood and leveraged it helps produce even greater results and efficiency in what we might be doing.

The purpose of Six Degrees Leadership is to affect our culture through leadership. This is accomplished by empowering people to create influence in their lives through social capital. This begins by applying proven leadership principles in creating effective relationships because relationships extend to all other areas of our lives. 

Our core values are meaningless without accountability. We believe that to live by core values, we must develop the habit of discussing them through ongoing conversations with family, friends and associates. The result is we discover our alignments on many levels and, subsequently, experience the unstoppable synergy of connecting on core values and noble causes.

There are 3 immutable High Core Values:

Courage - The heart, the mental and moral strength to stand upon and apply integrity.

Integrity - To act for what is right, in spite of criticism or reward. We feel complete and incorruptible. When we waken to the real value of integrity we rise above fear and obstacles to live life with a joyous, principled abandon. Through integrity we have an absolute respect for life.

Character - The engraving of sustained courage and integrity.

We consider these core values as absolutes. Often, it is usually through the experience of not living these values that we begin to recognize that we value these principles.

The following values we embrace.

Authenticy - Not false or copied, Genuine, Real. Genuine: not counterfeit, free from pretense, sincere, pure in breed Real: Actual rather than imaginary

Community - The sense of connectedness and trust through formation of social networks comprise what has become known as social capital. Vibrant community is the direct result of authentic courageous leadership.

Loyalty - is faithfulness or a devotion to a person or cause.

Love - Relationship of truth, respect, and completeness stemming from Integrity and congruence.

* Concepts from 'Courage' by Gus Lee (San Fransico, CA: Jossey-Bass 2006)